Volkskrant Zorgspecial

An innovative storytelling strategy for one of our main newspapers

Innovation and content go hand in hand with this newspaper supplement about changes in Dutch health care. We invented the ‘flexread’ as a new journalistic form. In the flexread you can read articles as you please.  By zooming in on parts that are of interest to you, you are able to get additional background information. Thus, a short-read becomes a long-read with the flexread.

Positive response

The project received many positive responses and became exemplary of the innovative ambitions of the Volkskrant.

Content as commercial

The Volkskrant would like to position itself based on content. These kinds of special supplements contribute to this. The health care supplement was part of this campaign, in collaboration with KesselsKramer.

Curious? Watch the commercial.

Mooi, maar werkt het ook?

  • 2,5×time spent reading by a flexreader compared to a regular reader
  • 55%of the visits were on a mobile device, of which 70% were touchscreens
  • 500ktotal pageviews, with 73,000 views on the top day