Unique platform

Although nothing beats a visit to the cinema, there was a need for an on-demand arthouse film service and Grrr was the right partner to help realize this. But how to create an attractive online translation of an offline experience like a cinema visit? And how can you ensure good user experience in a market where giants like Netflix and HBO set the standard?

We designed an online platform, created branding and set up a data-driven campaign. With a blend of appealing design, smart data analysis and on- and offline campaign, we bring Picl to the attention of a new generation of cinephiles.

Easy and attractive

We position Picl as a platform where you can see the best arthouse films, which are selected by your cinema and that play at this very moment.

By watching Picl, you can instantly support your favorite movie theater and independent films from the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t get easier than that.


Lean, data-based & iterative

Like Grrr, our partner Herrie Film & TV works as a Lean organization. In small steps several iterations have been made to test assumptions. After every iteration, extensive research has been conducted. For example, we knew that 14% of Dutch people aged 16 and over visited a cinema or arthouse theater at least once. That’s over 1.8 million visitors. Furthermore, it appeared that time, budget and unfavorable start times could raise thresholds for cinema visits.

The first iteration was a simple website, Filmthuis.nl. This precursor of Picl provided us with a lot of information about the target audience and the way they navigate the website. A detailed analysis of Filmthuis.nl’s visitor flows enabled us to significantly simplify the user flow.


Designed for the new generation of arthouse audience

The name Picl sounds like tickle and also literally tickles. It’s a name that sticks and raises questions. The association with hand-picked and motion picture means that it is a name that surprises at first but then quickly feels familiar. Furthermore it is a name that can also be used internationally.

The corporate identity follows the properties of the new name. Colors that stimulate but also emanate quality. A style that appeals to the new generation of arthouse audience.

We were also aware that in addition to the mature arthouse audience, we would also be serving a whole new group of users. In terms of appearance, it is therefore more HBO and Netflix than plush and popcorn


An effective campaign

Custom-made ads

The participating partners from the Dutch film industry already conducted extensive research before they launched Picl. We love that at Grrr. To further specify the target groups and test their potential, we have developed customized Facebook ads by sub-target group. By working iteratively, we have been able to keep making adjustments until we found the winning combination of image, content, text  and target group. The intensive testing of these variables enables us to deliver a clear framework for Picl to work with. That way, we’re using advertising budget very efficiently and we’re working on a long-term solution for Picl.


Offline campaign and film trailer

What would be a better place to draw attention to your film website than a cinema? That is why we created a trailer that was featured in all arthouse cinemas. Although the focus of this campaign remained online, Picl had an offline presence in many other places in addition to the trailer. For example through large posters and banners and announcements in magazines and newspapers.



Many partners, one clear vision

Picl originated from a collaboration between independent distributors and sixteen Dutch film theaters. They founded the Dutch Film Promotion Foundation in 2015. The aim of the foundation is to increase the visibility and the audience for the (Dutch) documentary and artistic film.

At Grrr, we have extensive experience in working for several stakeholders at once, including projects such as Iktoon and Kandoor. We take the creative process step by step, and keep creating prototypes to test as we go. That way, our partners stay tuned in for every step of the process.


Everybody in the (art)house!

Picl presents a great opportunity for the future of independent film and is supported by a large part of the Dutch film industry. There are partnerships with film festivals, film theaters, distributors and media. You want names, you say?

IFFR, Nederlands Film Festival, Movies that Matter, IDFA, Cinemien, Cinema Delicatessen, Mokum Filmdistributie, Filmfreak, Amstelfilm, Persicoop FilmCineville, Filmkrant, Biosagenda.

Amersfoort – De Lieve Vrouw, Amsterdam – EYE, Rialto, Het Ketelhuis, De Balie. Breda – Chassé Cinema. Den Haag – Filmhuis Den Haag. Enschede – Concordia. Haarlem – Filmschuur. Hilversum – Filmtheater Hilversum. Nijmegen – LUX. Rotterdam – LantarenVenster. Utrecht – ’t Hoogt.


The name Picl was conceived in collaboration with De Naamafdeling.  Grrr worked with Studio Wim for producing the trailer.