How do you choose a tech partner? 20+ years of solid development experience

You want to contribute to the sustainable growth of your organization. And you may know a lot about marketing, your community and growth. But you may not know everything about technology. Then it’s useful if a digital partner not only does exactly what you ask, but also thinks further. And that goes without saying for us.

Tech is in our DNA. The GRRR tech team has 20+ years of experience in translating complex information into scalable and accessible websites. We know all too well what technical choices have to be made and we think along with you about the long-term consequences. So that we already have a solution ready for issues that may arise at a later stage (for example with growth or new regulations). That is why we think about scalability, reliable tech and how we can make a positive contribution to our society with tech.


So we like to think one step further and build websites for the long term. Therefore, with over half of our clients we have been working for more than a decade.

  • Blazing fast websites to keep your customers engaged.
  • Multiple websites on the same tech: our tech makes it easy to scale.
  • Reliable during peak traffic: our partners don’t panic if they their mission is aired on CNN and their website suddenly receives massive visits
  • Years ahead with your site and easy to adapt to new wishes or requirements.

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Reliable tech

Sites and apps must always work and comply with all regulations. Obviously. For example, more than 100 million in investments have already been raised by Fastned on our software. Our Code Review method allows us to guarantee reliability and quality. We work with an Open Source tech stack.

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Make a positive contribution to our society with tech

In addition to delivering quality for our partners, we like to take one more step. We believe that we can also make a positive social contribution with ethical tech. In the field of privacy, sustainability and inclusivity, for example. That is why we always take into account:

Ethical tech

  • Sustainability: the digital world emits more than the aviation industry. We are actively engaged in reducing emissions.
  • Privacy and data protection: if the rules on, for example, data protection are tightened, the websites and databases of our customers will have met those conditions for a long time already.

Inclusive tech

  • Same smooth user experience for everyone
  • Regulations: our tech complies with all accessibility regulations
  • We continue to develop: even though we can certainly call ourselves experts in the field of inclusive tech & web design and we are even hired by our competitors.

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